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By KEESSON | 29 March 2022 | 1 Comments

The advantages of container homestay and its manufacturer's construction process

The cost of traditional container houses is very low. Coupled with the rise of container homestays and homestays, the profit margins of container homestays are larger than that of traditional civil construction projects. So what are the advantages of container homestays, and what is the construction process of container homestay manufacturers?
The main advantages of container bed and breakfast:
1. Flexible: using the modular nature of the container, it can be built quickly and flexibly;
2. Rust resistance: The shipping container is made of weathering steel. Compared with ordinary steel structure, it has excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance;
3. Approval: As a container house used as a temporary building, the approval procedures are relatively simple;
4. Sophistication: Although the sparrow is small and complete, through clever and reasonable design, container houses can also meet various daily needs;
5. Personality: The appearance design is more creative and pleasing to the eye; it is very suitable for temporary container sales offices, container scenic homestays, container convenience stores/unmanned supermarkets, container restaurants, container resorts, maker offices, creative parks, etc...
The approximate construction process of the container homestay manufacturer preparing for the entire container homestay:
1. Site selection. Because the container is relatively modern, if you want to make a holiday homestay, it is recommended to choose a place with absolute advantages in natural scenery, it is best to have a good low drop and highlight the sense of hierarchy.
2. Design. According to local conditions, it can be a single row, stand-alone, or multi-box combination.
3. Construction. Make a good foundation and choose a strong point. The foundation of the container only needs to do a few points.
4. Thermal insulation and sound insulation treatment. This choice is very important for the future use of the project. Choose high-quality rock wool. I chose 5 cm high-density rock wool, and cement fiberboard is added to the wall. If the location is in the mountains, try not to use a gypsum board as the ceiling. It is also made of cement fiberboard.
5. Interior decoration. According to the design drawings for interior design and decoration, you can choose the style you prefer to design.
So, are you optimistic about the container homestay?
KEESSON Collapsible Container House is fully assembled in the factory. 

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