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By KEESSON | 07 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Eco-friendly container homes may change the future of human life

Due to low construction costs and portability, the demand for container houses has surged. The use of containers is an environmental trend in building space-saving houses around the world. like electric cars and wireless Internet, it's considered to be one of the most important inventions that are most likely to change the way of human life in the next decade. Compared with traditional construction methods, eco-friendly container homes are more friendly, more effective, safer, and more convenient.
In the traditional construction method, from the foundation to the forming, it must be piled up one brick by one on the construction site, while the container building introduces the container elements into the prefabricated building system. One body, complete the mass production of single-person module assembly in the factory, only need to assemble and splice at the construction site, shorten the construction time of the house almost by more than 65%, and it replaces traditional production with mechanized production, which can cut labor costs Save 73% and ensure site management, material storage, and construction safety. At the same time, we will incorporate the development of circular economy into our strategic business, refit houses with existing containers as basic modules, make full use of existing resources, and make use of containers. The steel columns and side walls themselves are the characteristics of the stressed steel structure of the building. The free combination of container modular units forms the basic structure of the house building, saving a lot of steel and concrete during the construction process, and achieving the goal of energy-saving and environmental protection.
Example 1: Matt Elkan's coastal container house
It consists of four containers and is a spacious house that can accommodate ten people. It has a flat roof and many outdoor decks. There are many sustainable features, including thermal insulation coating, thermal insulation glass, recycled hardwood doors, roof insulation exterior cladding for optimal thermal performance, and plenty of windows to bring in plenty of natural light.
Example 2: Solar self-sufficient container house
This self-sufficient home is located 62 miles away in New South Wales. It was transformed by Paul Chambers and his wife Sara with three containers and equipped with solar panels, so it can be self-sufficient in daily electricity consumption. There is a living room with a fireplace. , Bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. They spent US$46,551 to complete the construction of this container.
If you are interested in container construction, you will be inspired by these practical container houses. They not only provide an opportunity to own a house at a lower price but also provide you with a sustainable life!

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