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By KEESSON | 24 August 2021 | 0 Comments

5 points to make a good container home plan

To build a container house, a simplified plan is generally required. Today let's talk about 5 points helping you simply complete a container home plan, including the basic structure, raw materials, preliminary plan, choose a design and calculate the budget.

1. Master the basic structure of the container
When you build or renovate a container house by yourself, you don’t need to understand how the physical structure and mechanics of the container house are done, but the physics is the same structure and professional knowledge should be understood. For example, 2 long walls not only have load-bearing but also If there is a support point, if you need to cut a hole in the container baffle and then cut a hole, you must balance the wall load.
Classified by structure, containers can be divided into three categories:
(1) Interior post type container and outsider post type container mainly refer to aluminum alloy containers. Inner post type container means that the side column (or end column) is located between the inverted wall or the end wall. Inside; foreign-style container means that the side column (or end column) is located outside the inverted wall or end wall;
(2) Collapse container means that the main components (side walls, end walls, and top of the container) of the container can be simply folded or disassembled, and can be easily reassembled when used again;
(3) The monocoque container (monocoque container) is composed of all parts into a steel body. Its advantage is that it is light in weight and can adapt to the generated torsion without causing permanent deformation.

2. Purchase container raw materials from the same manufacturer
Containers from different manufacturers are likely to have slight differences in quality and specifications. Combining them is likely to make it clear the convenience of using containers to build modular design structures. Therefore, it is very necessary to find a suitable manufacturer for your region and requirements and to purchase uniformly.
According to the materials used, how many types of containers can be divided into?
According to the material used for the main parts of the box (sidewall, end wall, box top, etc.), the container is made of what the material is called. According to the materials used, the container can be divided into three types:
(L) Aluminum alloy containers have the advantages of lightweight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, convenient processing, low processing and repair costs, and long service life; the disadvantages are high cost and poor welding performance;
(2) Steel containers have the advantages of high strength, firm structure, high weldability, good water tightness, and low price; the disadvantages are large weight and poor corrosion resistance;
(3) FRP containers have the advantages of high strength, good rigidity, large internal volume, good heat insulation, anti-corrosion, chemical resistance, easy cleaning, and simple repair; the disadvantages are large weight, easy aging, and reduced strength at the screw bolts.

3. There must be a plan to build a container house by itself
The complexity of building a container house lies in you. If you do not have too much work experience or self-confidence, and you cannot engage in simple to complex container construction, then you need a container manufacturer to design an exclusive plan for you.
The overall plan of the container house mainly includes the use of site equipment construction, container house transportation and installation, construction of water and electricity resources, overall experience collection and subsequent maintenance, etc.
4. Take the design of your favorite or your design plan, and discuss the production with a manufacturer with work experience
Every design scheme or "modification" undoubtedly needs the help of professionals. After all, every time laser cutting or electric welding is started, there must be a certain cost. If you cut it wrong, you must spend a lot of cost and time rebuilding it. Therefore, if you want to prevent failure, you should refer to professionals. Suggestions.
5. Overall planning and budget of production costs
If you want to build a container house in a state of anxiety about the cost budget, you need to have a clear account of the steps and various costs of the construction/renewal and renovation and calculate the renewal of the container house and all kinds of expenses. The capital investment cost of engineering construction elements is to ensure that it does not exceed the budget.

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