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By KEESSON | 23 September 2021 | 0 Comments

Can prefab student housing apartments be realized with container houses?

Container houses can be transformed into houses, temporary venues, mobile exhibition halls, art galleries or commercial exhibitions, mobile shops, etc. Now it has been brought into the lives of students, the prefab student housing apartments! Let’s take a look!
The characteristics of the container dormitory.
1. The house is made of bolted steel, and fire-resistant rock wool board and polyurethane color steel plate will be used to make the house have good thermal insulation performance and good flame retardant effect. The container house school building is stronger and more durable than the general brick-concrete structure house, which not only provides a living environment for students but also ensures the safety of students. It also combines integrity and flexibility.
 2. The cost of building a dormitory is low, and it is easy to watch TV while changing clothes with only a crane. Not only environmental protection but also warm in winter and cool in summer.
 3. Established the concept of a new type of temporary housing and realized the universal standardization of temporary housing. The characteristics of low price and high environmental protection have brought hope to many people. This kind of high-quality and low-cost housing brings good news to people who cannot afford a house. From urban construction to construction site workers to low-level citizens, from urban dwellings to impoverished college students, living containers can provide them with their own homes.
 4. The interior of the house is decorated and can be connected to an external power supply. Air conditioners, TVs, and other electrical equipment can be placed indoors for comfortable living.
Container House Student Dormitory Design Case Sharing
1. French Le Havre terminal container dormitory-ADocks: Designed by Cattani Architects, all dormitories are made up of recycled containers. There are 100 apartment rooms, each with an area of ​​24 square meters and a height of 2.4m. Practicability and endurance are not inferior to traditional architecture. There are four floors in the dormitory, and the first floor is higher than the ground. In this way, the residents of each unit can have the same private space. They all overlook the garden downstairs. The staggered unit structure makes room for sidewalks, courtyards, and terraces. The metal structure not only allows people to better identify different rooms but also encourages people to pass through expansion areas such as stairs and terraces more. Inside, the designer chose white walls and wooden furniture. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom are all equipped with wireless Internet access. There are windows on all sides to ensure enough natural light, and the English Channel can be seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows.
2. Tietgen, a circular student apartment near the University of Copenhagen, Denmark: designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, covers an area of ​​26,515 square meters, and the apartment can accommodate about 400 students. The simple circular design with a small square in the center is consistent with the surrounding architectural style, providing a bold architectural statement in the new planning area. The concave and convex open terrace design provides the connection between floors. The detailed design of each area, such as the verandah, communal kitchen, recreation room, and laundry room, makes people feel comfortable and maximizes the convenience of life for students. The design of the dormitory is also very. The exposed concrete structure and plywood combine to create a warm home space. It also makes college life more splendid.

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